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The Shinken Dojo   真 剣 道 場
Ryusyokai Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate   琉 翔 会 沖 縄 空 手
Ilfracombe - North Devon - England   英 国
After a summer break from writing on my Karate note pad blog, something that I had
been doing regularly for a number of years now. I can confirm for those of you who may
be interested, that I will be resuming with my ramblings again over the next few weeks.  

Also, for a limited period only, I will be allowing a small number of students to join the
Shinken Dojo. I have no bias towards peoples age, physical ability, gender, race, or
anything else for that matter, all I ask is that people are respectful, sincere, and of good
character. Anyone living locally who may be interested in studying Authentic Okinawan
Karate, please feel free to make contact or view details on our
Training Info page.

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